How To Get AAA Games One Xbox | Make A Ton Of Money!

Requirements: A brain, ability to read English, and time

Instructions: I’m guessing you have all three requirements, so let’s move on.

  • Make a new or Use your current Xbox S|X / ONE account.
  • Find a game that needs Teamwork to win.
  • 2a. My example is Ark Survival Evolved because you will need teamwork nearly 24/7
  • Make a group post/join a group post on the game
  • Once you find a group post and get accepted, be very friendly
  • After playing with that person(s) for a week (or two), ask them if they have DLC on a game of your choice.
  • 5a. Ask for DLC that you know they have. Try making it sound like you really want it to play it with them, it should work if you have been ‘friends’ with them for a bit.
  • Once they say Yes, tell them that you dont have the DLC, and try to make up a excuse. Basically we are trying to guilt trip them, in a way.
  • If they ask if you want to gameshare, then you’re golden… But if they say something else, try to asking yourself, but don’t be too quick with it or pushy!
  • Once you’re on their account, the first thing you do is go straight to the microsoft store! Send you account (preferably a dummy account) the game you want to buy. But they MUST have a credit/debit/balance on their account.
  • 8a. If you don’t want the games, what you can do is try buying a microsoft gift card. Then you should get a Xbox message from Xbox giving you the code. You take that code, and copy it and put it in a note pad.
  • 8b. So for an example, if it’s a $100 Gift Card, find a buyer to buy it, and sell it for anything below it for bitcoin or however you want the payment.
  • Once you have the code for your game you just bought, simply sign out and delete their account off your Xbox
  • Enjoy your new free game or money, even though it might’ve took some time, at least it was worth it.