Learn Unity Shaders from Scratch | Udemy, 100% OFF

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Learn Unity Shaders from Scratch | Udemy, 100% OFF – Unity ShaderLab is how you create custom shaders. It comes in 3 flavours, fixed function, vertex-fragment and surface shaders. We won’t be looking at the fixed function route in this course as it is effectively a legacy option and you want to learn modern best practice. The code syntax is based on the C language, but fear not, we will assume you have literally no knowledge of this language at all and we will, as the course title states, learn this from scratch. A shader uses the GPU ( the Graphics Processing Unit) to handle multiple programs at the same time, so it is unbelievably fast.

  • All you need is a copy of Unity, freely available for students.
  • A knowledge of the basics of using Unity is assumed, this is readily available by many online tutorials.
  • No knowledge of shaders is assumed.
  • A knowledge of a programming language would help but is not assumed.